watch: “nightmusic” – grimes ft. majical cloudz

Grimes has released a new video for her song “Nightmusic,” off her new album Visions.  The video, directed by John Londono, features Grimes in some sort of Brothers Grimm-style woodlands.

No, I have no idea what is going on is this video.  Yes, the spelling of “majical cloudz” makes me crazy.  But, c’mon, did you really think I was going to pass up a chance to post some music from Grimes?

Before clicking play, be aware that, depending on your workplace, this might be considering some NSFW on account of some brief nudity.  But let’s be honest, if that’s too racy for your work, what’s the likelihood they aren’t already blocking YouTube?


Watch for: an appearance of Grimes’ (in)famous pussy rings at 3:30.  My reaction to them is “meh” and “I’ve seen one of those before.”

Annoyed that you had to watch that ad before the video?  So is Grimes:

GRIMES on 70dayweekend:

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  1. I feel like Daren Aronofsky (sp?) should direct a movie built around Grimes. I think their aesthetics would line up well.


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