listen: “five seconds” – twin shadow

Twin Shadow, the electro-pop music project of George Lewis Jr., has released the first single from his upcoming album Confess.  The album, which will be released July 9th (UK) and 10th (US) via 4AD, is a follow-up to his 2010 debut Forget.  You can find out album details, including a track list and a few European tour dates, over at 4AD.

This track has a definite 80s new-wave tinge to it, and you can envision it providing the soundtrack to many a John Hughes movie montage.  You can grab the track in exchange for your e-mail here, or stream it below.

Twin Shadow – Five Seconds

Listen For: a driving beat that guarantees you’ll be nodding your head or tapping your foot by the 3 minute mark.

[via Gorilla vs. Bear]

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