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tom grimm / photo courtesy of subpop

There are times when you come across a band so many times it appears to be serendipity, and you just need to check them out.  This time, Jaill was that band.  I saw a friend posting about this band on twitter on Thursday, another friend brought them up on Friday, and they appeared on the Subpop sampler I got in my Record Store Day tote on Saturday.  That was the gods of indie music telling me to give them a listen, and now I’m telling you to do the same.

Jaill is an indie rock/pop band out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin that began in 2002 while Vincent Kircher and Austin Dutmer were at college.  They’ve toured and released music, including 4 EPs and 1 full-length, before signing to Sub Pop in 2009.  Now, they’re preparing for their second release on Sub Pop, Traps, which will be out June 12th.

Jaill writes those catchy songs that you find yourself singing along to by the end of your first listen.  You can listen to the first release from Traps, “Waste a Lot of Things,” below, or grab the mp3 courtesy of Sub Pop.

Jaill – Waste A Lot Of Things (mp3)

If you’re feeling Jaill as much as I am – but you don’t want to wait until June to hear more – you can grab their first album on Sub Pop, That’s How We Burn.  I’m digging the album cover:

 You can listen to two tracks from that album, again courtesy of Sub Pop:

Jaill – Everyone’s Hip (mp3)


Jaill – The Stroller (mp3)

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