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“All of Me,” is a track by indie duo Tanlines on their recently released album Mixed Emotions.  The song is perfect for a Friday – upbeat, catchy, enough to get you to 5PM.  So, I guess it brings a little bit of balance into the world that the video has a totally different vibe – drab, weird, confusing.

The video, directed by Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh, features a bunch of middle-aged folks sitting around a dimly lit room in business attire, until one man puts in a video of Tanlines playing.  When the music starts, people begin to get up and dance to the song in the most awkward way possible.  Seriously.  It’s really awkward.

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Do you have the new Grimes album?  If not, you need to go buy it now.

But, while it’s downloading, you can get a headstart by checking out her KEXP performance of “Genesis,” the second track on her excellent new album Visions.   The performance is an interesting one, with Claire Boucher spending most of it crouched on the floor playing around with beats and sounds.  But even from that position, she gets you feeling it.

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Belle & Sebastian have curated another Late Night Tales compilation, which are basically mixtapes created by an artist or group featuring music they’re digging, as well as a cover by the band making the compilation.  For this one, Belle & Sebastian have included songs by Toro y Moi and the Loving Spoonful, as well as their own cover of British indie-pop band The Primitives‘ song “Crash”.

To accompany the song, Stephen Tofrey created an adorable video featuring the band as adorable blockheads, tooling around town on a hot air balloon.  It’s not a concept that would work for many bands or many songs, but it fits the wonderful twee-ness that is Belle & Sebastian.

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The Morning Benders put out of my favorite records of 2010, Big Echo, but we haven’t gotten a lot of new music from them recently.  Then, this evening, the band sent an e-mail out explaining that they’d be changing their name to POP ETC.

Now, bands can change their names for a ton of reasons – some good, some bad, some neutral.  But I think the right word to describe this name change is admirable.

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I just got home from South by Southwest (SXSW), the massive music festival in Austin, Texas, and one of my favorite finds from it was this band.  Chic Gamine is a Montreal/Winnipeg-based 5-piece with a great retro R&B/soul sound.  Four women – Ariane Jean, Andrina Turenne, Alexa Dirks, and Annick Brémault – sing vocal harmonies, while Sacha Daoud provides the beat on drums.

Just listen to the opening notes of their song “Closer” in this video and tell me you’re not hooked.

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One of the more hotly anticipated albums of 2012 has been Bloom, the fourth full-length album from Baltimore-based dream popper’s Beach House, which is due out on May 15th via Sub Pop.  Given the anticipation, it’s not surprising to hear reports that the album has already leaked.

If you’ve already got a copy, I’m jealous.  But for everyone else – the anti-downloading purists, as well as those terrible at finding leaks (like me!) – the band has been kind enough to release their first single off the upcoming album, “Myth.”  You can stream it below, or get a free download from the band in exchange for your e-mail address.  Fan of 2010’s Teen Dream won’t be disappointed, as the band continues to play with slow beats and a hazy sound.

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