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Memoryhouse - The Years

When hearing the dream pop music made by bands like Memoryhouse, there are usually two reactions: “Wow! Amazing!” or “I’m so bored.” Now, I’ll admit, with a lot of bands in this genre, I’m solidly in the bored camp.  If it doesn’t have enough of a beat to keep me interested, I’m moving on the next track.

But even if you’re like me, there’s some music that deserves a second listen.  One such song is Memoryhouse’s new track, “Quiet America.”  It’s a short track, coming in at just over 2 minutes, but the hazy vocals and keys unite to create a gorgeous sound that leaves you wanting more.   This is a track that sounds great on headphones, but one that can express its beauty even through your laptop speakers.

You can grab the mp3 below, or watch their video to add some visuals to your listening.

Memoryhouse – Quiet America (mp3)

“Quiet America” is a track off Memoryhouse’s upcoming EP, The Years, which will be out September 13th.  This is actually a reissue/remastering of an EP that was put out before the duo had signed to Sub Pop, but it will include two new tracks.

[via Pretty Much Amazing]

  1. Dacia said:

    It’s got kind of a Neko Case-y chord progression. Intweeging!

    • By the way, Memoryhouse will be playing Houston on November 3rd. It’s at Fitzgeralds, and they’re opening up for The Radio Dept.


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