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Remember when you were watching the Grammys last winter, because it was Sunday night, and there was nothing on?  And you were thinking about how nice it was that Arcade Fire was nominated but of course they’d never win against Eminem and Katy Perry and all those other artists.  And then ARCADE FIRE WON THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR!?

Yeah, that was pretty awesome.  Particularly because Barbra Streisand sounded so confused.  Let’s relive that moment now. [Skip to 0:53 for the announcement or 2:45 for their performance of “Ready to Start.”]

Ah, good times.

Well, Merge is releasing a deluxe edition of their (literally) award-winning album, The Suburbs, today.  It features the original album, plus non-album tracks, a DVD for the title track’s video, and 80-page booklet with lots of AF goodies.  Check it all out at Merge’s site.

If you want a taste of the new tracks, you can stream them here.

Arcade Fire – Speaking In Tongues (feat. David Byrne):

Arcade Fire – Culture War

  1. Dacia said:

    Just re-watched the moment they won and then launched into “Ready to Start”. Still gives me goosebumps! It was maybe one of the only times I’ve thought the Grammy’s were just. Remember when Jethro Tull got Best Metal Band? Yeeah.

    • I think that’s why it’s such a great moment. Clearly, no one in Arcade Fire was expecting to win, so you get to see genuine shock and happiness.


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