RIP: Amy Winehouse

As you may have heard, Amy Winehouse has died, passing away at the age of 27.   Though the cause of death at this time is unknown, Winehouse’s struggles with drug addiction over the years are well known.

Like many, I first heard Amy Winehouse’s unforgettable voice when she released her second album, Back in Black, in 2006.  I was instantly drawn to the retro songs, and her thick black eyeliner and sky-high beehives complemented the sound perfectly.  Back in Black was in heavy rotation for much of the next year, both on my iPod and on the radio across the country.  Unfortunately, Winehouse’s fans have watched her struggle with addiction, and she was never able to release a third album.

To get on my soapbox for a minute: if what we all fear is her cause of death is in fact is correct, I hope that people will remember that addiction is a disease.  Just as we wouldn’t blame someone who struggles with depression for their suicide, we shouldn’t blame someone struggling with addiction for succumbing to that addiction.  Any death from addiction  is a tragedy.

It’s a shame that we won’t be able to hear any new music from her, but we can still enjoy the music she left behind.  Below is one of my favorite off Back in Black, “Tears Dry On Their Own.” Rest in Peace, Ms. Winehouse.

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