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It’s not uncommon for me to go to a show, watch three or four bands perform, and only see one or two women up on stage all night.  A lot of times, it’s less than that.   So, I have a reason to be excited when I come across a band makes killer music, while also happening to be female.  It’s like a +1 for riot grrrls.

The Coathangers, a four piece punk band out of Atlanta, fit that bill.   Their third album, Larceny and Old Lace, came out this year and they’ve been touring the country in support of it.  Now, my musical tastes tend to skew towards the lighter side of indie, but The Coathangers’ brand of punk is one I can get behind.  Check out their song ‘”Go Away,” off their latest album:

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As someone who listens to a lot of new music, it can be easy to get bored.  Bands can start to all sound the same – a mix of approved ‘indie’ melodies, guitar, mumbled lyrics, and skinny jeans.

So when you stumble upon a band with a completely different sound, it is exhilarating.  The smile the creeps across your face or the goosebumps down your arm as you realize you just found an awesome new band is the reason we obsessively search out new music.

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Apparently, I’m a sucker for LCD Soundsystem videos involving puppets/Legos/inanimate objects that talk.  Because first, it was this video with Kermit belting out “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.”  Then, it was this Muppets video that redeemed their song “Dance Yourself Clean.”   (Of course, cutting about 5 minutes off that song would have redeemed it for me as well, but that’s another post.)

Now, Legos have come to the rescue, resurrecting what is arguably LCD Soundsystem’s best song, “All My Friends.”

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Feeling nostalgic for phones with cords and acid washed denim?  The Vivian Girls have you covered with a video for their song “Take It As It Comes,” off this year’s Share The Joy.  

I wish I had a room this cool back in high school, complete with guitars, pink zebra print bedspreads, and rock star posters galore.

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I love a song you can dance to, but there’s a problem.  I can’t help but find dance music a bit, well, boring.  The repetitive nature of most dance music fits perfectly on the dance floor, but let’s be honest – I’m not hitting the club every night.  I’m more likely to listen to dance music in my car, at work, or around my house.  And while I might be able to bring in a little dancing into those activities, I need something more than a steady beat to hold my attention.

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The Strokes’ (Stroke’s? Strokes’es? Str’ok’es?) debut album, Is This It, is one that feels simultaneously fresh and classic at the same time.  In fact, I was just listening to the record at a BBQ/pool hangout this weekend and marvelling at how great a record it is.

So, it feels like serendipity that Stereogum has informed me that its the 10th anniversity of that album.  And to celebrate that anniversary, they’ve put together a tribute album with a ton of great indie artists.  The best part?  They’ve got it available on their website for a free download.

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Many of us are eagerly awaiting the new album from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Hysterical, which is due out in September.  They’ve just released a new song off the album called “Maniac.”  That song is available for download at their site for the low, low cost of your email address.  The catchy indie/dance/pop that CYHSY is known for is all over this track, making me even more excited for the album release.  You can also catch a glimpse of their artwork above, as well as the track list below.

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Try to ignore the slightly creepy creature staring out from your computer screen, because I’ve got some good news.  M83 just released the first track off their forthcoming album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.  The track is called “Midnight City” and it’s available for download here for the price of your e-mail address.

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