make music happen: summer camp

One of my favorite finds in the last year is Summer Camp, a London-based duo that cranks of some of the sweetest tunes you’ve heard in a while.  These synth-pop jams call up a nostalgia for a time you are probably too young to experience, and they’ve got the visuals to match.

Check out their video for “Round the Moon,” off their Young EP, which was released last year on Moshi Moshi.  The visuals are taken from the 1970 film called A Swedish Love Story. (En kärlekshistoria, if you really want to impress your friends).

Okay, have you fallen in love yet?  I thought so.  Well, now Summer Camp needs your help to turn that sound into a sweet, sweet, full-length.  Through Pledge Music, the duo is asking you to donate some money in exchange for a digital download of the upcoming album.  Not enough, you say?  How about….

  • a mixed CD made by the band?
  • a 3 song set for you via Skype?
  • a dinner party with you and the band?
  • Elizabeth’s sparkly jumpsuit?

Seriously, all this and more is available to you (for very reasonable prices, I might add).  Check out their progress below, then go to the site and let’s make this album happen.


Photo via Bradon F’s Flickr.


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