throwback thursday: voxtrot

Do you ever come across a song that is just so appealing that you immediately want to know all the lyrics? That way, you can sound like (less of) an idiot when you’re singing on your commute. You try just listening to the song over and over, but that only works for about half the words. The rest you’re still making up your own nonsense words to.

So you decide to look up the lyrics online. You feel kind of silly doing this, while at the same time trying to justify it to yourself. “This isn’t weird…Lots of people do this…That’s why whole websites exist with nothing but lyrics…Why is the singer mumbling anyway?” You pull up the lyrics, cue up the song, and try singing/reading the words, all the while feeling self-conscious (even though you’re by yourself). Eventually, though, the exercise pays off and you know all the lyrics and you feel irrationally accomplished.

Yeah, that’s this song for me.

Voxtrot – The Start of Something

Voxtrot was an indie pop band based out of Austin, TX in the mid-2000s*.   They put out a series of EPs and a self-titled full-length before calling it quits last year.  This song is off their first EP, Raised by Wolves, which was self-released by the band in 2005.  While they did get some notice from the music world, I don’t think they got nearly enough.  Yes, it’s hooky and catchy, but the lyrics have heart behind them.

If You’re New to Voxtrot, check out: any of the first three EPs (Raised by Wolves; Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives**, Your Biggest Fan).


* Okay, so this one might not be that much of a throwback, but the song sounds and feels older than it is.  Plus, in internet years, it’s positively ancient.

** Voxtrot doesn’t give a fuck about the Oxford comma.

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